Small Business Owner Learnings #3: How to Save Time by Generating Reusable Content?

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Branding, Business, Economy, Education

Coming from the technology world and specifically from the software development part of it, reusability has always been a big MANTRA of mine.

I’m always looking for ways to cut out the repeated grunt work even in the mundane daily aspects of my life and figure out ways to make it efficient and less work on me!

As Small Business Owners, you do it all initially and you are going to be overwhelmed! Creating content is a job in itself but can be an enjoyable task if you know how to structure it. Reusability of content can also help you cut on long meetings with prospects who are simply looking for information.

When I first started I found myself doing 60 minute calls with each prospect passionately teaching and going through a lot of details. As the prospect and client list continued to grow, I knew it wouldn’t be practical.

Here are some steps I suggest you take to minimize meeting times and maximize time getting to know your prospects and clients

1) Have a presentation or video recording covering the services/products you provide
This can be a webinar you presented specifically covering the basics of what you do, answering frequently asked questions and covering next steps

2) Share the content on social media/website often and on first contact with client
Content is useful only if it’s readily available. Make sure you share it in snippets on social media and other marketing avenues often. When a prospect requests a call ensure that they have perused this content so they have understood the basics. Automate this email if needed or have a personal conversation based on how your prospect initiates the first contact. Make sure they are educated on what it is that you do before that first call.

3) Build a repository of reusable content
Every webinar, every short video, every question that I answered over and over again, has led me to building a large repository of content on Youtube slowly but surely. I don’t see that stopping! Whether you want to sell and monetize your content or share it freely on Youtube build a repository one video at a time. It becomes bigger and more badass with time and energy! And it will save you a ton of time and change the way you engage with your audience- I promise! BONUS- It will also become a source of leads when it gains momentum!

As you expand your business, tapping into reusable content is a MUST. It saves valuable time going through questions that are frequently asked,

Create and reuse content to educate your target audience.
Spend your valuable 1-1 time REALLY getting to KNOW your prospect and their motivations in engaging you.

Stay tuned for the next week’s article on Small Business Owner Learning #4