Our Team

Kavitha Baratakke


Kavitha Baratakke, Founder of Cherry Street Investments is an Austin-based Real Estate Investor with over 12 years of real estate investing experience. Prior to real estate, she spent almost 20 years as a Technology Professional working for IBM and Atlassian in various roles across Software Development, Customer Services, Partner Relations and Technical Account Management. Kavitha brings strong project management, problem-solving and presentation skills from her Technology background to Real Estate. 

 As an investor, Kavitha has successfully acquired, rehabbed, managed, owned and operated several single-family and multi-family investment properties in the Central Texas area. She sponsors real estate syndications in Multifamily, Build-to-Rent, Townhome Communities, Senior Living and Land Banking investments. She prefers strong growth markets like Austin, DFW, San Antonio, Phoenix, and Atlanta.

Since retiring herself from her full-time technology career by creating passive income in real estate, she is passionate about helping more people do the same. She connects with her investors regularly throughPurely Passive Investor Group” Facebook group. She conducts regular webinars which are posted on her Youtube Channel – Cherry Street Investor Education to educate investors on various investing related topics and opportunities across multifamily, senior assisted living, tax savings, asset protection and more. 

When she’s not working on real estate, she is spending time with her teenage daughter Anya and their two puppies Milo and Oreo, dancing salsa and bachata (her favorite dance), cooking her favorite dish, jumping off a cliff, traveling the world (38 countries and counting), exploring new cultures, countries and food, doing long bike rides like MS-150 or hiking challenging trails in the Texas Hill Country.

To consult or connect with her and setup a meeting, please follow this link!


Our Strategic Partners

Jas Kaur

Managing Partner, Sahara Equity

Determined to grow and expand their already reputable portfolio of properties, Jas Kaur, co-founder of Sahara Equity and MARS Residential, is a hard-working and creative entrepreneur. As a woman with a strong personality within the business and investment realm, Jas has honed many skills necessary to provide structure and discipline to the system within Sahara Equity. She has created a clear mission to multiply the wealth for the investors, through their unique acquisition strategy that helps generate passive income.

Jas also has well-established experience within finance, IT and project management, allowing her skills to complement with her partner’s to create a strong foundation. She is highly educated with a Masters in Accounting and Masters in Computer Science, along with this, she has managed to keep herself updated with Project Management Certifications and Six Sigma Certifications. She is a certified treasury professional and has served as a member of Associates of Finance and Treasury Professionals.

One of Jas’s visions for Sahara Equity is to create a sense of community within the team and with residents as well. To reflect this vision, Jas has initiated lively social events to create a welcoming environment for everyone to bring a variety of cultures together. Having retired from the corporate world and as a mom of three, Jas has worked very hard alongside her partner to grow Sahara Equity into what it is today.


Reddy Gandra

Managing Partner, Sahara Equity

Reddy Gandra, co-founder of Sahara Equity and MARS Residential, has been a driven real estate enthusiast and has acquired a large portfolio of multifamily, expanding into senior housing and land banking to reflect this passion. Reddy’s extensive background in IT, Masters in Finance and core entrepreneurship skills has been beneficial in the creation and execution of Sahara Equity.

Along with the growth of the company, Reddy is passionate about making sure the entire team can learn, leverage, and succeed. Disciplined and determined, Reddy’s goal is to diversify the asset classes, and multiply the wealth for the company and like-minded investors. One of Reddy’s strategies include finding under-performing properties and adding value through forced appreciation, which along with organic growth, results in improved NOI –maximizing the overall returns. He has a long-term vision of growth and a meticulous approach to investing, which has been a key factor to growing Sahara Equity.

At the young age of 16, Reddy was the sole bread winner of his family, and through this experience he has learned the importance of generating passive income for families that rely on a single active income. Reddy is also a proud husband and father of two young kids, who look up to him and yearn to carry forth his legacy..


Dharma Rajah

President, Epitome Development

Dharma Rajah, president and founder of Epitome Development, has a rich history in real estate development and comes from a family of Entrepreneurs. His Grandfather Shri. H. D. Rajah was the visionary and founder of Vanguard Insurance Company, and was one of the most influential pioneers of the insurance industry in India.

Dharma uses that same entrepreneurial spirit that his grandfather had to lead Epitome Development in their real estate endeavors. Dharma has built Epitome on the foundations of modern design, efficient workflows and exceptional deliverables. He tackles every new real estate opportunity with tenacity and vision.

Dharma loves building meaningful connections and finding great deals and enables him to offer attractive returns to his investors. He also founded a technology platform for real estate – MAST and continues to explore alternative assets to build wealth. His personal hobbies include travel and golf.