I have been on several podcasts and shared my thoughts on Financial Freedom, Money Mindset, Opportunity Zones, my real estate investing journey and more. Give it a listen and I would love to hear your feedback, questions or comments. Here are some of the podcasts

Adding Value to Others

When I founded Cherry Street I wanted my brand to reflect these 3 values that are core to who I am as a person

1. Authenticity – I consider myself a no-BS straightforward person and I wanted that to be reflected in my business.
2. Adding Value/Helping Others – Nothing makes me happier than feeling like I helped someone. As a person I deeply believe we are here to serve others.
3. Open Communication – Communicating openly when things are going well is easy, but how you communicate when things are not great is what matters. Being transparent and open with others is a core need and value of mine.

I was excited to do this podcast with Darin Batchelder (who I have known since I started my business) and have a candid conversation on my journey, the challenges, the fears and the growth that I’ve seen through the last 3 years after leaving the Corporate world to start Cherry Street Investments

Give it a listen and would love to hear your thoughts and stories!

Click here to listen the episode.

From Tech Professional to Full-Time GP

Being in the world of Syndications, Joe Fairless has long been a role model of mine. I was excited to speak to Best Ever Show co-host Ash Patel about my thoughts on investing besides sharing my personal investing snafus early on in my journey. Check out this link to the episode.

Build-to-Rent, Land Entitlement, and so much more!

Recently, I chatted with Kevin Bupp on his popular podcast about Build-To-Rent, Land Entitlement and other fun projects I’m working on with my awesome partners. Working on land projects has taught me so much and I continue to learn something new everyday.
Catch up on my work life here and a bit of my personal stuff too! I bring my whole self to work after all!

Multifamily Investor Situation Room with Dion Huey

I talked to Dion Huey in this podcast discussing everything from my investing journey, to my view of the market right now and staying focused which is a challenge for me as I tend to put too much on my plate. Some tips to get started in the Multifamily world provided here too!

Cashflow Ninja Podcast with MC Laubscher

MC Laubscher of the Cashflow Ninja podcast interviewed me about my 50-point Passive Due Diligence checklist. In this podcast I talk about the key factors a passive investor should keep in mind while evaluating a potential investment into a syndication. For more options besides Youtube check out this link to the episode.

Limitless Estates Podcast with Kyle and Lalita Mitchell

In the Limitless Estates podcast I talk about my journey from being a passive investor in apartments to being full-time active investor. I talk about my steps towards financial freedom and my progression from a job in the technology industry, to investing passively to being an entrepreneur running my own real estate investment business. For more options besides Youtube check out this link to the episode.

You can find more recordings and podcasts here as my Youtube Channel gets updated!