Youth Education

Are Our Kids Ready for the Real World?

Schools do a great job of educating our kids and making them ready for adult life, but now more than ever there’s a woeful lack of financial education in our country. High student debt from college education & high credit card debt coupled with a lack of money management skills are crippling the new generation. More and more millenials and Gen-Zs are living paycheck to paycheck. Some are still living with their parents unable to afford renting or buying. A majority of them are still paying off student loans and piling up credit card debt years after graduation.

How can we change this? 

We believe that Financial Education for our youth is the key to creating responsible and successful future adults.

Moneywise Learning for Kids - Ages 5-10

Check out our financial education series for kids ages 5-10 where we cover topics like assets & liabilities, income and expenses, balance sheets, banks, loans and interest rate, credit cards, debit cards and more in a way little ones can understand along with fun games to keep them engaged!

Moneywise Learning for T(w)eens- Ages 11-18

Check out for financial education for students aged 11-18 where we cover topics like assets, liabilities, income, expenses, balance sheet, net worth, loans, simple & compound interest, insurance, credit scores, credit and debit cards, college planning and much more! Get your child ready to be money-wise!

Moneywise Learning Kids Webinars

Moneywise Learning Teens Webinars