Investing in High-Yield Real Estate for Passive Income Generation

What We Do?

We invest in Commercial Real Estate -Apartment buildings, Hotels, Mobile home parks, Self storage, Senior assisted living and similar investments.
We typically buy older buildings where we can add value with rehab, streamline and create operational efficiencies to increase the bottomline.
Commercial real estate is valued based on the operating income. Our goal is to increase income and reduce exprenses and thereby force appreciation.

How We Do It?

We educate you on how these investments work and what to expect. We present vetted investment opportunities to you. You can invest as little as $25-50k and earn over 15% annual returns over a 3-5 year period. There are two components to these returns
-Annualized Cash returns 7-8% paid quaterly
-Annualized Equity returns 7-9% paid at sale

What to Expect?

1) Setup a call with us so we can understand your goal and get to know each other.
2) Attend webinars and review our education on the investments
3)Review investment opportunities when we present them.
4) Let us know when you want to invest.
5)Invest, sit back and get cash returns via ACH transfers/checks.
6) Get capital and equity returns at sale.
7) Rinse and repeat.

What's a Syndication?

We operate at a large scale and that means these investments cost millions of dollers. We raise capital with a pool of investors. This is called syndication in a syndication there are two parties. 1) General Partners/Sponsors – Active investors who located, acquire, manage, & dispose the investment. They also invest and have skin-in-the-game. 2) Limited Partners – Passive investors who invest into the syndicate and benefit from the cashflow and equity.  

Typical Fees & Profit Sharing

Typical Fees:
1) Acquisition Fees 1-3%
2) Asset Managment Fees 1-3%
3)Property Management Fees 3-5% (paid to third-party PM)
Profit Sharing:
1) Straight Split – 80/20 Split > 80% to Investors, 20% to Sponsors
2) 8% Preferred Return – First 8% 100% to Investors, 70/30 Split – 70% to Investors, 30% to Sponsor above 8%

Tax Benefits

Most commercial real estate investments come with great tax benefits from depreciation, Typically for a $100K investment you will see a paper loss of $30-$90K the first year due to accelerated depreciation which you can carry over to subsequent years it needed. This will help you offset any cash returns during the hold period hereby creating tax-free returns! at sale you can reinvest the gains into another deal to offset recapture!

Investor Education

We are passionate about educating investors so they can work towards their financial freedom. We believe that knowledge is power and our investors should be knowledgeable about the investments they are making. We spend time educating our investors on the various investment options we offer and we handhold them through every step of the process. We also conduct webinars for youth financial literacy. 
Checkout our blogs, webinars, podcasts and short videos to learn about various aspect of investing and keep up with current tax and economic changes that affect your investments.


Checkout our past webinars and details of upcoming webinars at the webinars link below and sign up to be notified about our upcoming webinars as well so you don’t miss the investment education right in the comfort of your home. 

We usually schedule this after-work hours to make sure our busy professionals with full-time jobs can attend


Investor Group

We invite you to join our FREE investor group online on Facebook Purely Passive Investor Group. This group is intended to connect you with a community of passive investors, educate you on various investment options to create multiple passive income sources, what not to invest your value $ in, and keep you up-to-date on the latest trends and updates from the investment world.


Youth Education

We are passionate about educating not only our investors but also the new generation. We believe that financial education needs to start early to be most effective and we have a chance to impact their destiny and direction when we can teach our kids early and often about good money management. Check out our ongoing education and webinars for kids ages 5-18!


Blogs, Podcasts and V-blogs

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