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What We Do?

Traditional financial planning has revolved around the stock market which can be volatile, provide inconsistent returns and no tax benefits. The bond market is relatively low risk but very low returns as well. Returns in savings, fixed deposits or money-market accounts don’t even keep up with inflation!  

So where should an investor park their hard-earned dollars?   

We strongly believe in long-term wealth creation and preservation. Real estate has proven to be the long-term way of building wealth and diversifying your investments while providing significant tax benefits. We provide the following services to our clients

We help busy professionals create multiple passive sources of income through investments in Commercial Real Estate assets like apartment complexes, mobile home parks, senior assisted living facilities, self-storage and more in select markets across the country. We work with investors to pool together capital in syndications and fund these large real estate assets that we acquire, manage and operate. These assets generate strong returns and also provide significant tax benefits through depreciation. Depreciation can be a powerful way to offset taxes and keep more of the money you make not only from real estate but also other sources.
As a part of our real estate brokerage services we help clients who want full and active control of their real estate investments. We help our clients locate and purchase residential and commercial investment properties in the Central Texas area (Austin, San Antonio, San Marcos and surrounding areas) besides providing referrals to experienced investment-focused brokers and realtors across the country.
We help our clients setup permanent life insurance policies that they can use as a high-yield savings accounts with guaranteed returns. They can use these accounts for other investments, college savings, retirement income, and more while benefiting from the life protection  it offers! To learn more about this strategy we highly recommend you watch this webinar and setup some time with us for a strategy call.

How it Works?


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What our Investors think…

I have been very impressed with the amount and quality of Real Estate Investing information and networking Kavitha offers for all types of investors. Her sponsored Webinars provide opportunities to interact and learn from REI experts that have had a positive impact on my business. Kavitha’s energy and enthusiasm to help other investors advance in their understanding of investing is exceptional. I look forward to learning more from Kavitha in the future

Dawn Harris MBA, MSN, APRN

Area Business Manager at Heron Therapeutics, Inc.

Kavitha is a driven, humble and passionate person. For a busy working professional like me, she has brought us a wealth of knowledge through her webinars. She is quick to respond, great follow through and willing to share ideas helping us be a savvy investor. I trust her with my investments. Very lucky to have known her for 20 years as a college alum and now as her client.

Deepti Mikkilineni MBA

Agile Product Manager, DXC Tech

When it comes to information about investing, I recommend Cherry Street Investments. As a new investor, the flood of materials online makes it difficult to separate the good, the useless, and the flat-out dangerous wealth-building strategies. Cherry Street Investments has provided me professional advice and opportunities that are focused on my long term goals.

Tavares Lumpkin

Retired Veteran

I have attended quite a few seminars conducted by Kavitha. She assembles a team of experts in the given subject area and ensures that the topic is easily understood. Her passion to educate the audience through well researched content is evident in all the seminars she hosts and the advice she gives. It’s always a balanced perspective given with integrity . Her delivery and integrity inspires trust in her expertise. I recommend Kavitha and Cherry Street Investments if you are looking to work with a competent and passionate financial professional.

Kumar Anbalagan Pillai

Director, Indeed

I have had the pleasure of attending many webinars sponsored by Cherry Street Investments and Kavitha Baratakke. The quality of these presentations is incredible. Most remarkable, they are hosted with the mindset of helping to inform those who attend about interesting and timely topics, without a hidden agenda to sell you a product like so many other complimentary presentations. In addition, all guest speakers genuinely share Kavita’s passion for sharing and provide an exceptional learning experience. I highly recommend you tune in to the next topic of interest to you.

Trevor Thompson

Principal, KTT Properties

Kavitha is very passionate about creating generational wealth and helping others do the same. This is evident from the range of topics, relevance of the material, and quality of the speakers and experts that she brings to us. She is dedicated, knows her stuff, and how to source practical, applicable knowledge. Highly recommend!

Sade Ogunbode

Real Estate Attorney

Excellent interpersonal skills and great depth and breadth of real estate knowledge. Always happy to share. Highly recommended.

Dr Nishant Jayaswal

MD Internal Medicine Specialist