Retirement and Real Estate – The Perfect Marriage?

by | Jun 4, 2020 | Finances, Investments, Passive Income, Real Estate, Retirement, Tax Deferral

In talking to a lot of clients about real estate investments I have realized that more often than not their retirement accounts are generally the most underutilized and underinvested asset they have!

Most people have no idea 

  What their retirement accounts are doing in terms of returns nor how to invest them well. Most retirement accounts that are invested in some employer-401K provided “Retire in 2043” fund might be barely keeping up with inflation after management fees and market volatility.

  That they can make real estate investments through their retirement accounts using Self Directed IRAs, QRPs and Solo 401(K)s even as a W-2/full-time employees

 That they can dip into their Employer 401Ks to do self directed investments even without changing jobs in some cases*

 That IRAs or a old 401Ks from previous employer(s) can be invested into tangible assets with high returns instead of being forgotten in a Fidelity or Vanguard account.

Since Real Estate Assets and Retirements accounts are both inherently illiquid when you’re not close to retirement age, this is often the best source of funds to turn to for investing in real estate.

Some things to consider: 

❓Do you have Retirement Accounts you have forgotten about?
❓Do you know what returns your retirement account(s) are making? Are you happy with it?
❓Would you like to diversify your retirement account investments better?


I would highly recommend taking stock of your finances, looking into your retirement accounts and seeing how much it’s making and if you could invest it better?


I hosted a webinar on using Retirement Accounts for investing that might be useful for folks trying to navigate the different options for setting up a Self Directed Solo 401K account. The recording that might be helpful for you to compare the different options that you can rollover your existing IRAs or 401Ks into and consolidate into a single account for real estate, crypto, precious metals, and other alternative investment options. If you have further questions, I’m always available for a consult to see if I can be assistance to you!

Happy Investing! Cheers to an early retirement and financial freedom!