Dare to be You!

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Lifestyle, Mindset

I used to be a people pleaser once upon a time. I wanted to make everyone around me happy.

I was disappointed with myself and deeply hurt when I disappointed others. I often did things I didn’t want to do just because I didn’t want to say no or couldn’t get myself to say no!

Along the way I grew up… people pushed my boundaries, uncomfortable situations tested me to speak up or suffer silently and I got comfortable saying no and thank you more often, and “I’m sorry” less often! I learned to walk away from people and situations that weren’t serving me more decisively. I became the no-BS person I never imagined I could ever be!

I also realized that I wasn’t for everyone and I didn’t have to be. I’m too passionate. I’m too driven. I show up 100%. I speak my mind. I don’t care about pretenses. I don’t care about titles or wealth. I look at each day as an opportunity to dig deeper, push harder and be better. I live life all out and that simply is too much for some people!

I have had a fair share of people call me intense!

If you’re too much of anything to anyone they aren’t your #tribe. Cut them loose! You need to find your tribe and let them find their own.

One of my biggest lessons has been to be unapologetically authentic and true to myself even if that means losing people along the way. The right people will be around and the wrong ones will fall off. You will never be too much for one of your tribe – you will be inspired by them and be inspiring to them.

So dare to be unapologetically YOU, find and surround yourself with your tribe and watch yourself be everything that you were meant to be!